Monday, May 18, 2009

Coro and AAi trademarks up for sale

FGX International, which were the most recent owners of the Coro and AAi trademarks, has indicated this spring that they intend to sell their costume jewelry division. The costume jewelry division accounted for just 3.3 percent of sales in a recent report, and they mention that jewelry sales have been declining. FGX is best known for their sunglasses and eyeglasses brands, such as the Foster Grant brand, but they have also carried costume jewelry lines in the past.

On their website, I didn't see a specific description of the brand names of costume jewelry that they sell. But their financial reports indicate that they basically wholesale jewelry to major stores like Walmart and do house brands for various retailers.

A while back, I had discovered that they own the AAi jewelry trademark and checking the trademark listings today, I was reminded that they also own two Coro trademarks! Both the word mark "Coro", and the mark shown below with the pegasus. Both are listed as status: "dead" in the trademark listings.

So, since the trademarks are not current, it is unknown if they will be sold as part of the intellectual property when FGX sells the costume jewelry division. But it seems clear that they will no longer be using those trademarks.

Last fall I contacted them to ask if they had plans to reintroduce Coro as a brand, since they had acquired the trademark. They replied that they did not have any plans at that time. The AAi and Coro trademarks are listed as "dead" with the updated status as of January of 2009. AAi was cancelled. The Coro word mark was abandoned in 2009 and the Coro Pegasus mark expired in 2007.

Additionally, they have used the trademarks "FGX" and "Pure Expressions" for jewelry (according to the US Trademark listings). Pure Expressions is the only trademark for jewelry that is currently listed as "live". But the status for that one hasn't been updated since 2005

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